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Learn Medicare Hassle-Free! Join us online March 14th at 11am CENTRAL for our popular free webinar...

How Medicare Works as your Primary Insurance

(and which Medicare plans may be right for you!)


This webinar is for people who are new to Medicare and will NOT have retiree coverage through a former employer or government entity. Scroll down to learn more of what we will cover!

Thursday, March 14th


(9:00 AM Pacific, 12:00PM Eastern)


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This Free Class Will Show You:

Topic #1

 What Medicare covers and how much it costs, plus how, where and when to enroll in Medicare. 

We'll cover which Parts of Medicare you need and which ones you may not need. (Hint: Most people don't need all four.)

We'll also share who is eligible for Medicare and when is the best time to elect coverage if you are still working for an employer. 

We'll cover how Medicare coordinates with your group coverage until you are ready to retire as well.

Topic #2

The 3 major PITFALLS that Medicare newbies should avoid when enrolling into Medicare for the first time.

We'll discuss how to avoid unexpected late penalties using proper election periods. 

I'll also teach you about guaranteed issue periods and how you can use them to avoid any issues with pre-existing conditions.  

Topic #3

The 3 most popular Medigap plans and how each of them cover Medicare deductibles and coinsurance differently. 

What's the difference between Medigap and Medicare Advantage? I'll teach you how each one works and give you my best tips for determining which one might be right for you. 

How to get free claims support for the life of your coverage - Medicare appeals, pharmacy exceptions, miscoded bills - so that you will never be alone in dealing with Medicare.

FREE LEARNING EVENT: This class is completely free. Once you register, we'll email you a link. On the day of the webinar, simply go to the link to watch the presentation on your computer, laptop or mobile device.

Please note this webinar does not go over TRICARE , VA, FEDERAL EMPLOYEE HEALTH BENEFITS, TEACHER RETIREMENT or MEDICAID. This webinar is for people who will have Medicare as PRIMARY coverage.

Here's what some recent Medicare webinar attendees had to say about us:

Jim...." When I turned 64, I started educating myself on Medicare and watched webinars from multiple sources. Boomer Benefits webinars were the only ones that didn't spend the entire first 20 minutes selling themselves. I learned more from them than everyone else combined."

Trudy......"your webinar was excellent! I learned a lot, in spite of spending many hours doing my own research. It was also the first time I heard of the increase in Parts B & D premiums for higher income brackets, which will effect me. Thank you for taking the time to educate us!" 

Sue..."THANK YOU! THANK YOU! This webinar is so well done! Incredibly thorough, clear and comprehensive. If this were made available to all those facing Medicare enrollment, I guarantee EVERYONE would come to Boomer Benefits to manage their MC decisions." 

Faye..."I have been trying to research and have talked to different brokers, but had been constantly confused and unsure. I stumbled on a Boomer Benefits and signed up for their webinar. It was the first time, that things started to become clear finally. It was very informative and easy to understand. I really liked the straight talk with no pressure."

DL Martin...." I have been doing research for 6 months and just seemed to get nowhere. Participated in the Boomer Benefits online seminar and can tell you what a great help this was."


This webinar will not cover information regarding TRICARE, DISABILITY, MEDICAID, TEACHER RETIREMENT OR VA INSURANCE. See our blog posts at https://boomerbenefits.com/medicare-articles-2/ for written information on each of these situations.

About your host: Danielle Kunkle, co-founder at Boomer Benefits, is a well-known Medicare insurance expert and member of the Forbes Finance Council. She and her team help thousands of Medicare beneficiaries to understand Medicare each year across 47 states. Her blogs, essays and interviews about Medicare are widely published, and she'll be sharing her best tips for people New to Medicare.